SPOGA 2008

We are pleased to invite you to visit our stand on SPOGA Fair 2008.

30th birtday of Alda company

Dajar was invited to Alda’s 30th birthday party held on the 12th of June 2008 in President Hotel in Spala. Our company was awarded for the best sale of Alda kettles. Certificate of recognition was handed in to Dajar’s representative, our commercial director Aldona Koper-Dabrowska. The award is much valued and appreciated by the company.

Lublin Trade Fair

9-10 February 2008, Household Goods Trade Fair was held in Kazimierz Dolny, a charming southern Polish town situated on the eastern bank of the Vistula river. The Fair, organized on the initiative of our Lublin branch, was visited by 250 guests who were invited to see as many as 180 stalls. Among the attending companies were Curver, Emailia Olkusz, Plast Team, Alda, York, OKT, Vileda, Tefal, Apollo, Jardin and others. The customers were presented with the latest offers of new products and garden furniture, and a short film on Dajar’s activity was showed.

One of the most popular part of the Trade Fair program was lots drawing. Yellow and blue lots were awarded to those customers who spend over 500 PLN or 1000 PLN respectively. The lucky winners left with new microwaves, coffee expresses, hoovers, pot sets, hifi stereos and the three suites of garden furniture, each of a value of over 100 PLN. After a long day of not only great fun but also hard work, the organizers and their guests enjoyed a lovely dinner to the sounds of Elvis Presley’s immortal music. We say thank you to all the participants who contributed to this wonderful event

Tur-Gastro-Hotel Trade Fair

It is for the 62nd time that the All-Poland Trade Fair of Turism, Design and Furnishing of Catering Sites took place ( Katowice, 2-6 June 2008). Dajar Horeca, Katowice branch, opened their stall where they presented a wide range of catering equipment, tableweare and cutlery. The program of the trade fair included press conference, trainings, presentations and lectures, as well as competitions and tastings.

Dajar Horeca team managed to establish new valuable relations on the market.

Change of the address of the AGD DETAL wholesale store in Toruń.

We would like to inform that from June 2008, the wholesale store in Torun changed its location. See below its new address: Hurtownia Dajar AGD ul. Przy Lesie 4, 87-100 Toruń Tel.: 056 657-05-56; Fax: 056 623 24 67
The new warehouse is considerably larger (about 20 000 m2). The warehouse at Cegielna street is still opened and has currently been earmarked for the Customers of Modern Trade. The Customers of Traditional Trade, from now on, will be attended at Przy Lesie st.

Ambition products now have newly enhanced packaging

Dajar decided to enhance the design and graphic materials of the Ambition brand. Change of the photos’ character, refreshing of the layout and re-editing the texts turned out to be an excellent solution and a noticeable success on the market. Products’ branding was reinforced by additional graphic elements such as hand tags, call-outs and special covers. Horizontal Ambition logo was used to make it easier to read and recognize it. The change has already boosted sales of the Ambition products.

‘Koniczynka’ (eng. ‘Clover’) promotional campaign

The meeting for the customers actively participating in the ‘Koniczynka” promotional campaign has been organized in order to thank all those committed to our project. Each of the Koniczynka partners has an enormous market potential, acts in an honest way and is focused on achievable profits. Those are the people who are not afraid of bold ventures.

Owing to the considerable number of the participants (500 guests turned up), the meetings were held in two conference centers near Wolborz and in Torun. During the conference, we presented in detail the process of preparing ‘Koniczynka’ campaign, briefly outlined the history of Dajar company and introduced a new line of products for 2008. At the end of the conference, the chairmen answered all the questions (and not all of them were nice and easy to answer). Both meetings were led by the famous sport commentator Dariusz Szpakowski. The conference was crowned with numerous attractions such as wine tasting prepared by the sommeliers from the Centre of Wine, dance show of the Theatre of Fire and the 80’s dance show.

Many thanks to our guests!

IV Household Goods and Garden Furniture Trade Fair

IV Household Goods and Garden Furniture Trade Fair was held in “Daniel” hotel in Ustroń. The event was organized by Dajar’s Katowice department. Among the companies presenting their offers were: Curver, Emalia Olkusz, Plast Team, Alda, York, OKT, Vileda, Tefal, Jardin, Biowin, BGTech, as well as those offering garden furniture. The trade fair served as an excellent occasion to introduce the new promotional ‘Koniczynka’ (eng. Clover) campaign. A lottery took place and many left home with attractive prizes ( of a joint value of 10 000PLN!) The gathering finished with a dancing party in a highlander style tavern.

Many thanks to all the customers and companies present at our Trade Fair.

Malwina’s dreamt race

Since September we have supported Malwina in her preparation to the fight for the right to participate in this year’s Olimpic Games in Beijing. For the first time in the history of the Olympics, the long-distance swimmers will have only 10 km distance to cover. Our representative devoted last year to physical preparations, moving to Rostok where she worked out with an experienced couch of the German long-distance swimming team. She participated in all mountain camps and put a great effort to make the most of her stay in Germany. The last race opening the door to what Malwina herself calls the most significant competition in her life is taking place on the 31st May 2008 at 2 a. m. Polish time. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Still supporting Malwina

We still suport Malwina Bukszowana, our one-woman representative in long-distance swimming. Owing to our continuous help, Malwina has the opportunity to practise and attempt to match the greatest names in this sports discipline such as the World Champion in 25 km race. As our swimmer’s form keeps improving, we keep our fingers crossed for her next success and especially, for winning her way to the Olympic Games in Beijing. Read more about Malwina in the articles in Dziennik Łódzki:

“First the Olypmics in Beijing, next…the Space?”
“Brutal rivalry between Malwina and her competitors”

Why not check Malwina’s new website and find out more about the swimmer through the interviews and short films.

Horeca department on the HORECA 2007 Trade Fair in Krakow

22-24 October, our Horeca department was given the opportunity to present their offer in Krakow on the 15th Hotels and Catering Equipment Trade Fair - HORECA 2007. The trade show was attended by 300 exhibitors from Poland and other countries. Both our present and potential customers received a new offer of the Alchema and the English Churchil porcelain products, as well as the renewed version of our current offer.

Many thanks to all our guests and remember of the next trade show - Eurogastro 2008 in Warsaw.

2000 List – Rzeczpospolita newspaper

Dajar was classified 1028th in the 2000 List, a ranking prepared by Rzeczpospolita newspaper (Rzeczpospolita 31.10.2008). The ranking presents 2000 Polish companies which do best on our market and through the success, contribute to the country’s economical growth. The choice of the winners was dictated by sales dynamic indicators from the last four years as well as the growth of the assets and revenues.

Performance indicators such as profitability of the sales from last two years and of assets and revenues were also taken into consideration. The jury assessed the companies’ development capabilities measured by their investment rate. Dajar’s presence in the ranking is definitely the reason to be proud. Our company not only has a great potential, but it also actually succeeds on the market. We sincerely hope that next year will bring us even higher place on the 2000 List.

Award for the most interesting campaign and advertisement on the Trade Fair in Rzeszow 2007

Dajar company was awarded in the category of “the most interesting campaign and advertisement’ on the “X International Business-Food-Medicine Trade Fair” in Rzeszow (8-9 November 2007). The show is one of the largest and most prestigious trade exhibitions in southern-east Poland, as well as an important event for the socio-economic life of the Podkarpacie region.

Our company participated in the Rzeszów Trade Fair for the first time. In order to add variety to the event, the organizers prepared numerous promotions, tastings and other attractions such as contests for the best stall, the debut of 2007 and for the best product.

We owe thanks to the organizers for inviting us and giving us the opportunity to present our products. Participation in the Trade Fair enabled us to get through to and acquire new customers.

SPOGA 2007 Trade Fair

From the 2nd to the 4th of September, Dajar participated in the international SPOGA 2007 Trade Fair of garden furniture and camping in Koln (Germany). Dajar’s customers were encouraged to see our spring-summer décor and a wide range of the products inviting them to the outdoor leisure. Admired were our comfy garden armchairs, new designs of the Hollywood-style swings, garden furniture and patterned cushions. Our GARDEN SALES TEAM had a number of business talks.

Next SPOGA Trade Fair will be held 31st Agust-2nd Sptember 2008.

Cheetahs of Business 2007 – award for Dajar

We are proud to inform that our company was awarded in the contest of the Cheetahs of Business 2007. The award is granted to the companies whose market value has increased with 30 per cent within the last three years. For Dajar, it proves how dynamically our company is developing.

Officially, Cheetahs of Business awards will be handed in to the winners in Szczecin on the 19th September 2007 while the Western Pomeranian province Cheetahs of Business Confrence.

Real award

Real, a famous chain of supermarkets awarded Dajar company in the category of “the best marketing and key accountant service”. The prize will be awarded during the jubilee gala held on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Real in Poland in the assembly hall of the Warsaw University of Technology.

Dajar was represented by Mr. Maciej Sawicki and Ms. Aldona Koper-Dabrowska who were honoured to receive the award on behalf of the whole company. Success breeds success!

SPOGA Trade Fair in Koln

We are in the process of preparing ourselves to the participation in the international Trade Fair of Sport, Camping and Garden Equipment SPOGA in Koln. The exhibition is to take place 2nd - 4th September 2007. We will gladly see all interested guests at our stalls.

SPOGA 2008

30th birtday of Alda company

Lublin Trade Fair


Ambition newly enhanced packaging


Garden Furniture Trade Fair

Malwina Bukszowana

HORECA 2007 Trade Fair

2000 List


SPOGA 2007

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